Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Perth - Issue No.: 429 Issue Date: 27 Sep, 2016

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ROTARY OF PERTH President’s Update – 20th SEPTEMBER 2016

The Many Different Hats We Wear In Performing Our Rotary Service:

With our upcoming “Hats for Hats Day River Cruise” taking place on Friday 7th October I looked into my cupboard and found my old Pirate’s Hat which I thought would be a most appropriate hat to wear for the cruise. Have you selected your hat yet? Because we are limited to 100 guests on the cruise and we will be opening up the event to other Rotary Clubs within the next ten days.

Going to be a great event for so many reasons – so log onto the purpose created bookings website today and book .

This event is instead of our regular Friday lunch on Friday 7th October – so no lunch at Hilton on Friday 7th October – Boat Cruise from 3pm to 6pm instead – see details in Bulletin.

Then a day later on Saturday 8th October we have the annual Pink Ribbon Ball taking place at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, so it’s time to get out your top hat and tails to strut your stuff to benefit Breast Cancer Research. Our Club does not have its own Breast Cancer Research Project – so getting behind the successful Pink Ribbon ball is a great way for us to leverage our resources. We have a special Rotary of Perth table booked at the reduced price of $150 per ticket, so please contact me if you want to join us. We have a few tickets left, so be quick on that one too.

Looks like I’m going to have to put on my skippers hat and get the boat fuelled for our upcoming International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians (“IFYR”)  Mandurah Weekend on Saturday 29th October and Sunday 30th October together with fellow Rotary of Perth IFYR skippers Jeff, Ivan, and Nigel and our IFYR fleet colleagues from other Clubs. The event is open to all ROP members so please contact one of us to arrange a spot on one of the boats.

And I’m sure you all have diarised our Club’s important Wild West Themed “Convicts for a Cause” Event taking place at Fremantle Prison on Saturday 6th November for which you need to book attendance, or better still register as a Convict on . I’m excited by my registration as “THE LONE arRANGER” and being locked up for helping bad guys get loans (just another day at the office for me really)! So I have dusted off my cowboy hat and polished my snake skin boots and I’m raring to go to raise my own $500 bail money for the cause.

And then the next morning when I wake up it will be time to take out my sun hat for our upcoming Club visit to Bali from Sunday 7th November to Thursday 10th November – see elsewhere in Bulletin for travel agent Craig Turtle’s number to book your flight, and payment of the accommodation deposit. Hoping to get around 20 members to participate, so we are half way there. Will be a really fun time – so please talk to Ray, Bill, Jill, Kirstin or me if you need assistance with your booking.

And before you know it, it’s December and time to put on your Xmas hats again and attend our annual Rotary Christmas Breakfast taking place on Friday 16th December.

And if ever you get confused with which hat to wear – just grab your Rotary of Perth cap, and wear it with pride – because we do good in the community and in the world.

That reminds me – would be a great time for each of us to wear our Rotary of Perth Club caps to the Combined Rotary Zone Club Meeting at 6.30pm on Wednesday 28th September at Cambridge Bowling Club to greet our District Governor together with our fellow Rotarians from the Subiaco, Freshwater Bay and Cambridge Clubs. Eight of us have already booked for the event, and we are hoping to have at least a dozen from our Club attend – so please see details in the Bulletin and make the appropriate booking and payment.  

Looking forward to catching up with you all this at this Friday’s lunch and hearing from our guest speakers Lorna McGregor and Chris Carey from Lifeline WA.

Yours in Rotary, Larry Hirsch - President - Rotary of Perth 2016/2017

Kirstin Reed




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