Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Perth - Issue No.: 424 Issue Date: 23 Aug, 2016

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ROTARY OF PERTH President’s Update –

23rd August 2016

So much happens every week in the life of your Rotary President.

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to dust off my authentic cowboy hat (purchased on a trip to USA in late eighties) and don it for the Cowboy Themed “Convicts for A Cause” Cocktail Party launch at Miss Kitty’s Saloon in Inglewood. Great turnout and all the charities are excited about making the event at Fremantle Prison on Sunday 5th November the best ever. Tastiest buffet I have eaten in a long while . And I got to hang out with special people.

The occasion was somewhat dampened by Tony Gardner’s passing on Saturday 13th August from Mesothelioma (Our Reflections through Reality Project which raises funds for Mesothelioma Research being one of the charities being supported by Convicts this year) – see other articles in Bulletin.

Thursday evening I showed the District Governor and the Rotary District Board the new premises proposed for the 5th Floor for both Rotary of Perth and District, which was greeted with much excitement. Now for Beatrice, Kathy and the sub-committee to determine the optimum plans for the space before we relocate within the next few months.

Thereafter I was very fortunate to have been invited by the Hilton to attend a dinner at the hotel and then walk across to the Convention Centre for the Professor Brian Cox “Journey into Deep Space” presentation.

Friday sadly started with Tony Gardner’s funeral – but all attendees at the Church Service respected Tony’s wishes of wearing colourful ties and outfits. Tony’s daughter Stef delivered an eulogy representive of Tony’s life – smart, much humour and compassion, you could feel Tony looking down proudly.

The tribute to Tony carried on at our Friday Lunch with our inductee Clara dedicating her rendition of Halelujah to Tony whilst we all reflected on his passing.

We then launched Rodger Gibson’s initiative to honour Tony by requesting Rotary Members, and others, to make a donation to Reflections through Reality in Tony’s name, kicked off with Rodger’s generous donation of $100. After the meeting David Reed advised me that he will be donating $10k in Tony’s honour once the procedure is set up. Wow! See Process elsewhere in Bulletin. 

And how inspiring to hear from our two RYPEN graduates Maddie & Mereleen, it did not take long for the members at the lunch to appreciate why the two young ladies had been selected as our RYPEN participants this year – they are clearly going to be part of tomorrow’s leaders. Unassuming, confident, charming, but with clear goals for their future lives.

This is why our Club is the envy of all in the District – we do so much, we achieve so much, and the Club and the community benefits. We are doing good, by doing good!

It is also great to see so many members adopting “Proud Rotarian” frames for their Facebook pictures. Now just need to see more members adopting the slogan “Proud Member of the Rotary Club of Perth” on their business emails.

Looking forward to seeing you all this Friday to hear Petrina Bishop explain how we can “live in the moment”.

Yours in Rotary, Larry Hirsch - President - Rotary of Perth 2016/2017



Kirstin Reed




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